Nsomnia Networks LP

Coretek.host is a trademark of NSOMNIA NETWORKS LP, website Coretek.host.

Our company was founded in 2007. At that time and nowadays our mission is about providing high quality hosting services of dedicated servers in Germany and Netherlands (Serverside.su our old name used untill the comapny was rebranded in 2010). Our main goals are easy cooperation and high quality of customer service.

We do not aim to offer the best price at all segments. We give our customers wide choice in a narrow band of limits - from some better than rest to the best offers. At the beginning of 2013 we have upgraded all our hardware and now the newest lineups from world leading server hardware suppliers (HP, DELL, IBM, CISCO, JUNIPER) are available for our customers.

All our VPS and hosting solutions run on high performance and powerful systems with a large margin of resources and possibility of scaling. Using high quality equipment makes it possible to pay more attention to an actual needs of our customers rather than hardware maintenance.

Preparing an individual configurations and implemeting an enterprise level solutions — are usual tasks for our technicians. We deliver this kind of orders in the time frame from 24 hours to 7 business days.

We prefer to provide an individual approach to each our customer and its needs. We appreciate our reputation which has been gained during 6 years of our work.

Thousands of clients has joined us for this time and now they are successfully running their businesses. We are happy to realize that we not just sell a hosting services but really help solving a complex tasks.

Our customers know that their success depends on a reliable partner. That's why they choose –°oretek.


EU FRA-10, EU AMS-1, EU AMS-11, EU AMS-12
The safest European datacenters: fire extinguishing system, fire resistant walls, multilevel monitoring system, access levels.
Peering: AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, BNIX, Netnod, NL-IX, Espanix, SwissIX, ECIX, FranceIX, PLIX, BIX, MIX, VIX, NIX, LU-CIX, InterLAN, SIX, DIX, NIX1
ISO 27001:2005 NEN 7510
ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems
NEN 3140; 1010; 50110 low voltage protection
Borg Class 4 building and electronic safety