Services administration

Linux Servers administration provided by admins and is paid. We do not provide a Windows server administration service.

Basic plan for this service includes the following items:

1) 5 hours of system administrator work.

2) Troubleshooting the issues about control panels that we provice for dedicated servers: cPanel, ISPManager.

3) Security check, logs review, actual load problems analysis.

4) Hardware diagnostics.

5) Complex solutions for improving server security level (PhpMyAdmin access limits by customer static IPs, fail2ban setup, other known issues fixes).

6) Install and update of server software and modules: mysql / php / nginx / apache etc.

7) Backup configuration (backups account is required).

8) Installing entry-level DDoS attacks protection script (operation way: more than N connections from the same IP = BAN via iptables).

9) SSL certificates setup.

10) Wbsites and Databases transfer from server to server.

11) Fine server tuning for certain objectives described by customer (depends on our staff competences and requires prior agreement).

The plan price is 100 USD. Solving a singe problem equals to one hour of admin work form the moth quota. Plan can be extended if needed by request.

Other conditions:

Administration provided with root access only (you will need to grant us root acces via client panel, in a ticket).

We do not provide hourly administration service.

Detailed description of a problem, server access data and URL where we can reproduce the problem will save a lot of time. 

ATTENTION! We reserve the right to reject doing any work in a case we can't guarantee its timely and properly fulfillment. Any task requires our estimation and prior agreement!

Contact our technical support via Client panel if you need server administration service.


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