Windows Server Free License

We provide free of charge from the beginning to the end of the lease term of a dedicated server any of the following Windows Server licenses.

The offer is valid when ordering any dedicated server from the availability on our website

You can order a server via the Client panel by opening a technical support ticket and specifying the desired model and version of Windows, or by writing directly to

All licenses by default include the ability to work simultaneously via RDP (remote desktop) of two users.

Remote Desktop (RDP) Windows will provide reliable protection for your activities on the network and save you from the need to be permanently stressed due to the potential threat of unauthorized access to confidential personal information stored on a local device

Available versions of Windows Server:

  • - Windows Server 2022 Standard
  • - Windows Server 2016 Standard
  • - Windows Server Standard 2019
  • - Windows Server 2012 Standard R2
  • - Windows 11 Pro

* common price $34/month per 1CPU license

All servers are connected to the network with a 1 and up to 40 Gbit port, have dual power supply redundancy, are on our balance sheet (a UK legal entity) and cannot be transferred to third parties under any circumstances, except for Interpol investigations (which does not correlate with requests from the countries of the former socialist camp )

The number of share licenses is limited.

Take care of your safety in advance!


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