Dedicated Server, VPS, VDS, hosting in Germany, Netherlands, USA, UK

Virtual Dedicated Servers

QEMU KVM technology based. Functional control interface. VPS backups included.

Virtualization technologies without overselling
Virtualization technologies without overselling. 100% guaranteed resources.
Setup in a minute
Setup in a minute
Get access in only 1 minute after the order. Automatish install and ipv4 assigment
Advanced hardware
Advanced hardware
Only authorized branded storage modules used. Each VPS is on a HARDWARE RAID massive
1 core
Xeon Gold 5218
2 cores
Xeon Gold 5218
2 cores
Xeon Gold 5218
1 core
Xeon Gold 5218
2 cores
Xeon Gold 5218
Storage SSD/HDD
15 GB 75 GB 150 GB 32 GB 100 GB
Memory DDR4 ECC
256 MB 1024 MB 2048 MB 768 MB 3072 MB
Swap memory
A swap file (or swap space) is a space on a SSD storage used as the virtual memory extension of a computer's real memory (RAM).
512 MB 2048 MB 4096 MB 768 MB 3072 MB
Traffic - unlimited
Unmetered is offered with no limit and with 100 Mbit/s on the amount of data-transferred on a fixed bandwidth line. In a virtual private server this is shared bandwidth.
Ipv4 address
Setup in a minute
Root access
Access via noVNC
Install from ISO
hardware RAID
Weekly backup
Price per month
$7 $15 $28 $12 $24
Annual payment discount
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CentOS Debian Ubuntu FreeBSD Windows CloudLinux
CentOS Debian Ubuntu FreeBSD Windows CloudLinux
CentOS Debian Ubuntu FreeBSD Windows CloudLinux
CentOS Debian Ubuntu FreeBSD Windows CloudLinux
CentOS Debian Ubuntu FreeBSD Windows CloudLinux
CentOS Debian Ubuntu FreeBSD Windows CloudLinux
tech specs
Without Overselling
You pay for fully
isolated server. Nobody
can take up your resources.
Fast ping and connect.
Root access
You can get full
control over your server.
Experts know about how important is
access via SSH or VNC
100% guaranteed resources
You get exactly as much
resources as you have chosen. Resources
are Your only, even if you do not
use them.
Eight disks array
that combines data mirroring of
RAID-1 and performance of
RAID-0. Optimal reliability and
read/write speed.
2 Gbit broadband
Virtualization system connected
to the internet at 2 Gbit speed
(2xGeLink) and shared between
all server Clients.
No limits
Unlimited number of websites.
Unlimited traffic. Upgrade
at any time (RAM and
CPU within the next plan).
HPE SAS Write Intensive SSD
2x Intel 16-Core Xeon Gold 5218
physical server specs
connected 2x1Gbit uplink

noVNC + SSH = full control
VNC + SSH = full control

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a system that provides remote computer connection. All your mouse movements and keys pressed are transfering to your server as well as display. It's all the same as remote desktop.

SSH - network protocol which allows to manage an OS remotely and create TCP tunnels (e.g. for file transfer). Whole SSH traffic including transferred passwords is encrypted. Very useful as remote terminal as well as remote program starter: VPN, IRC, PROXY etc.

Industrial standards

Hot Spare is a technology for electronic hardware backup, where reserve hardware is connected to the system replaces a broken component automatically, or at least excepting system work interruptions. Hot Spare most often used for Server SSD and RAM.

RAID50 array where each one of them is a full copy of another one. Provides good write speed and advantages of reading speed on a request parallelization. High reliable - works until at leas one disk from the array functions. Risk of breakage of two disks at the same time is minimal.

Tier 1 - internet access via peer connections only. This is the best broadband to the internet today. Network uptime 99.99%.

Access to the Internet exclusively via the peering connection
VPS and VDS F.A.Q.
What is swap memory?

Virtual (swap) memory is a memory management technology developed for multitask OS. Implementation of the technology implies that independent memory addressing schemes are used for each program. Thus it is possible to raise memory usage efficiency for several simultaneously working programms and also provide memory protection between different applications. It also allows applications to use more volume of memory than physically installed in a computer.

Is it possible to setup VPN?

Sure! Setup will take a few minutes.

Where are the VPS servers located?

All virtual servers located in Germany.

What kind of virtualization is used?

For virtualization we use KVM - Kernel-based Virtual Machine. As for today it is the best virtualization technology which allows to get 100% of allocated resources.

Is it possible to install an OS from custom ISO?

Yes. Contact our technical support team and give them the ISO-image you need. After that it will be available at your server control panel.

Is it possible to work in Linux via remote desktop?

Yes, you can use VNC Viewer. It is free for Windows, Linux, Andoid, iOS for iPhone and iPad. So you can control your server from anywhere around the World.

Is it possible to order a custom config VPS / VDS?

Unfortunately no.

Is it possible to place torrent trackers or a websites containing links to a rights reserved media content here at Coretek servers?

Prohibited, the same as everywhere around EU.

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